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Our Mission

Here at Youth'n Action, we believe capabilities are limitless.  Our mission is to create an inclusive environment that promotes fitness for youth and adolescence with special and physical needs.  At our facility, we promote a fun and active environment that brings fitness and motivation to another level. Every child has the ability to achieve, and our job is to provide the environment that makes this possible.



Who Are we?

We are an adaptive fitness center that is available to children and young adults with delays in the Gross Motor areas such as endurance, coordination, movements, and muscle strength.  Our athletes include but are not limited to children and young adults with Autism, amputations, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Cerebral Palsy, down syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, ADD/ADHD, developmental delays, blindness, deafness, parapl-egia, fragile X syndrome, Intellectual Disabilities, prader-willi syndrome, obesity and so on.

HOw Are We Different? 
  • Adapted activities and equipment

  • Autism Fitness Therapy

  • Adaptive Fitness

  • Creating different communication strategies

  • Finding the least restricted environment

  • Certified adaptive trainers 

  • Specialized Trainers: Occupational Therapists, Exceptional Education Teachers

Our Facility

At our facility, we individualize fitness to our athlete's needs and abilities.  Through our fitness program, our  athletes will gain confidence and a positive self-esteem.  Their body awareness, proximal stability, postural control, Gross Motor coordination, grip strength, Motor Planning skills, Visual Motor and Processing skills, overall body strength and endurance, attention and focus, auditory processing skills, and problem solving skills will all increase.  They will participate in an environment where they will learn and practice social skills.  Most importantly Youth'n Action is a place to have fun.

Proudly Partnered With

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